Hardshell Uk

  • ISO 13485 Certified mask manufacturing company based in Cardiff, Wales.
  • We supply masks that are made in the UK

Stay safe ​with hardshell masks

  • High-quality protection against particles expelled by coughing, sneezing, and respiration.
  • 3 ply surgical grade masks with High filtration capacity

Type IIR Medical Face Mask

  • BFE>= 99%
  • CE Certified & EN14683 Compliant Type IIR Masks
  • Splash Resistant
  • Single-Use
  • Soft, Lightweight

3 layers ProtectionMaking your breathing safer and fresher

  • Three-ply structure
  • Outer Layer - Splash Resistant non-woven fabric
  • Middle layer - High density melt-blown filter material
  • Inner Layer – Ultra-fine skin friendly non-woven fabric


  • Ultrasonic welded non-woven fibre ear loop (latex free)
  • Integrated & adjustable Single core PP nose wire with steel core
  • Reliable ultrasonic sealing
  • Comfortable to the skin
  • Breathable & covers the nose and mouth entirely