Welsh Government Make Face Masks Mandatory On Public Transport

Welsh Government Make Face Masks Mandatory On Public Transport

There have been a number of announcements surrounding PPE over the course of the past week, with different areas of the UK working with separate guidelines and rules.

Now, face coverings and masks have been made mandatory when using public transport in Wales. This includes all trains, buses and taxis. This decision has been wholly backed by Transport for Wales and Great Western Railway, both of which are   encouraging passengers to follow this rule.

It is also recommended that face coverings be used anywhere where 2 metre distancing is not possible.

Conforming the Government’s decision, Mr Drakeford said:

“For the sake of simplicity and consistency, as well as being part of our plan to help reduce the risk of transmission while on public transport where it is not always possible to maintain a two metre physical distance, it will become mandatory for people to wear a three-layer face covering while travelling – this includes taxis.”

“Our decision to make face coverings mandatory on public transport is a combination of the fact that we know as the economy gets back into operation more people will need to use public transport to go to work and for other purposes, and when more people need to use confined spaces then additional protections need to be introduced in order to overcome the fact that two-metre social distancing will not always be possible.”

Wales now follows in the footsteps of England, Ireland and Scotland; all of which have had the rule on face coverings on public transport in place for many weeks.

While there have been differing opinions on the need for certain types of PPE. Health Minister, Vaughan Gething, recommended the use of face masks last month. Stating that he believes them to be vital in the protection against the deadly virus. However, he did not go as far as making them mandatory; a decision that has been questioned by ministers and the public alike.

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