Welsh Businesses Credited For Their Response To Face Mask Shortage

Welsh Businesses Credited For Their Response To Face Mask Shortage

Over the past 3 weeks, there have been many changes to the way in which the government has handled the global pandemic, with Welsh and English ministers seeming to have different ideas surrounding the cooling of lockdown guidelines in the UK. This has led to a Wales/England divide, with the two countries now working with slightly different rules when it comes to social distancing.

Where Boris Johnson has changed the ‘stay at home’ message to ‘stay alert’, Wales are very much rejecting this shift in attitude, with the Welsh health minister, Vaughan Gething, reiterating this online.

In a tweet, he said: “I’ve seen the media briefings and changed message for England. There has not been a four nations agreement or discussion on this.

“The Welsh Government message has not changed. Stay at home and if you do go out observe the social distancing rules”. 

With many social media users claiming Wales to be taking lockdown measures a lot more seriously than England, the Welsh have been credited for their response to the virus, especially in the context of PPE equipment. According to sources, Welsh businesses have been playing a crucial role in helping to get face masks and other PPE items across the globe, with a number of key Welsh manufacturers turning their attention to PPE production in order to help protect front line and critical workers.

Welsh secretary Simon Hart said:

“Welsh businesses are playing a crucial role in producing and delivering PPE and other essential equipment to the front lines, transforming their production lines to support this UK-wide effort to tackle coronavirus.
“These include the Royal Mint, one of Wales’ most famous organisations which has implemented its engineering expertise to rapidly produce millions of face visors for our health and social care staff.
“The UK Government continues to work with a large number of companies to ensure these vital supplies reach the people who need them most but I encourage Welsh companies in all sectors to consider stepping up to join our response.” 

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