UK Doctors Still Struggle To Source PPE Kits

UK Doctors Still Struggle To Source PPE Kits

PPE Kits have played an integral role in our efforts to combat the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), being essential for those working on the front line. This is especially the case for doctors; individuals that are coming face-to-face with the virus most days.

While protecting doctors is said to be a priority of our government, the reality is that PPE kits are in short supply, with many doctors across the country putting themselves at risk to save others. This is something that the UK government has come under fire for, with the Royal College of Physicians talking of how the truly terrible and worsening availability of PPE is putting our NHS heroes at risk every single day.

Conducting a survey on PPE shortages at UK hospitals, the RCP surveyed 2,129 hospital doctors, uncovering the huge extent to which doctors are under-protected. According to the results, over 37% of doctors performing aerosol-generating procedures (AGP) are not able to get visors to wear for each procedure. It is hugely important that visors are worn during AGPs on those infected as the procedure involves the release of droplets from the patent’s mouth which, as we know, can transmit the disease.

31% reported that full-length surgical gowns are not always available either; an item deemed essential for all NHS and care workers.

“We’re living through the darkest times the NHS has ever faced and this survey shows the reality of the situation facing hospital doctors at the moment”, said Prof Andrew Goddard, the college’s president.

“The lack of PPE remains their biggest concern and it is truly terrible that supply has worsened over the past three weeks rather than improved.”

Some doctors have openly voiced their concerns about the lack of PPE in their hospitals, with many predicting that the ramifications of limited PPE could be severe. What some have suggested is that doctors without PPE could limit the care they are giving as the more infected patients they treat, the bigger the risk posed to them and their health.

Dr Matthew Roycroft, the joint chair of the RCP’s trainees committee said.

“Without the right PPE my colleagues and I may find ourselves with the most awful of conundrums on our hands – having to choose between protecting our own lives or protecting those of the patients we treat.”

What PPE equipment do doctors need?

Doctors, nurses and care workers are classed as highly at risk of infection due to the nature of their work and the environments in which they conduct their duties. Coming into contact with those that have contracted the virus, having the right PPE is paramount. This is why all NHS workers require specialist gloves, masks, visors and gowns in order to protect themselves wholly against contracting the virus whilst treating patients.

Looking to place an order for PPE?

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