1 In 5 Construction Workers Without PPE

1 In 5 Construction Workers Without PPE

With construction sites now open and projects deemed ‘essential’ by Boris Johnson, we are seeing more and more sites open up across the globe. With construction contributing a sizable chunk to our economy, getting the industry back up and running in a safe manner is understandably a priority.

However, for construction workers, there are many concerns surrounding PPE and social distancing, with 1 in 5 workers claiming that little or no effort is being made to limit contact or prevent the spreading of Covid-19 on site.

This was uncovered in a recent survey conducted by a leading construction-focused publication, Construction News.

Interviewing employees of the industry, the survey found that only a third (36%) felt they were adequately covered going back to work and that PPE wasn’t an issue for them. A worrying 19% of respondents said that work had gone ahead regardless of no PPE being supplied. 

Many believe this is down to a lack of health and safety enforcement on construction sites. Back in March, the HSE announced that it would no longer be conducting its regular inspections of construction sites in light of the outbreak.

This has led to an attack on the safety body, with construction workers believing it should have had a prominent role in the industry during the crisis.

“HSE not sending inspectors out says it all: the biggest potential killer on a site is no longer a trip hazard, fall from height or an untethered ladder – it’s something on site they fear is too dangerous to encounter,” said one respondent.

Another said: 

“It’s about time the HSE came out of the shadows. Sites need to be visited as rules are not being adhered to.”

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