5 Of The Most In-Demand PPE Items

5 Of The Most In-Demand PPE Items

As you will know from the constant influx of news articles, the demand for PPE during the pandemic has been enormous, with the UK alone said to be millions of items short of what is needed. Resulting in front line workers not being adequately protected, the risk of infection is a worry for everyone.  


Below, we look at the most in-demand PPE items during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.  


Masks – PPE masks are items that have been heavily in demand these last few months, with manufacturers across the globe at full capacity to try and accommodate the growing demand for face protection. With coronavirus being transmitted via respiratory droplets, having respiratory protection is a must.  


Goggles – While Covid-19 has consumed the world for months now, we know very little about the virus, meaning front line workers need to be protecting as many areas of their body as possible. This is why protective goggles have become coveted items.  


Visors – Unlike goggles or masks, visors protect the whole face to its entirety, creating a shield between the wearer and everyone they come into contact with. Made of plastic, visors are hugely effective PPE items that can be sanitised and used again.  


Gowns – Full-length waterproof gowns are another PPE item that is in short supply, especially amongst care providers. Designed to stop Coronavirus droplets making their way into someone’s mouth or nose, disposable, non-fluid and repellent gowns/coveralls need to be frequently changed throughout the day. There have been many reports of doctors and nurses simply using aprons as a result of low gown stock levels.  


Surgical Gloves – Being a doctor, nurse or care worker is a hands-on job, with picking up equipment, touching surfaces and patients all being part of their average day. While we are all being told to limit the amount we are touching our own faces and those of loved ones, for care providers this simply cannot be the case. Medical assessments still need to be conducted and care needs to be provided. With gloves helping protect the transmission of any disease, plastic gloves are inevitably needed items amidst the pandemic.  


Respirators – For those working in close proximity to the infected, respirators will be required. Respirators effectively protect an individual from the inhalation of contaminated air, thus the virus.  


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